The Amazing Benefits of Spun Bamboo Serve Ware


So why choose Spun bamboo for your kitchen serve ware? If you appreciate high quality, durability, beauty as well as wanting an eco-friendly, sustainable product; then there is none other than Spun bamboo that can fit your needs! Spun bamboo serve ware kitchen products are visually elegant yet can also withstand the abuse of a commercial kitchen. Offered at a fair price point, this fully sustainable and biodegradable bamboo serve ware has a wide range of benefits.


Environmental Benefits

All items, no matter their size or designated usage are 100% biodegradable.

Spun bamboo is a sustainable wood product with a regrowth period of 9-20 months.

Eco-friendly in all stages of growth, production, manufacturing and delivery


Health Benefits

Completely vegan.

Made from allergen free materials.

Products are constructed with food grade glue made from banana leaves.


Practical Benefits

Light yet super durable.

Able to withstand the rough demands of a commercial kitchen.

Fairly priced as a plastic replacement.


Versatility Benefits

Spun bamboo serve ware products come in a variety of sizes.

Can be used for fast food baskets, serving trays, salad bowls and more.

Can replace traditional porcelain and stainless-steel items due to its functionality and elegance.


When it comes down to it, Spun bamboo serve ware is the best option for your kitchen. The ZAVIS Green has combined the crucial needs of the business, the desires for upscale and luxury items all while still maintaining a fair price point. There is nothing else like it on the market! Not to mention, finally all of these needs have been combined in an eco-friendly, sustainable and biodegradable product! It’s perfectly in tune with the direction that our industry and the world at large is turning to. Don’t wait another minute, make the change now and order your Spun bamboo kitchen serve ware products HERE.

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