Spun Bamboo: The Latest Innovation in the Food Service Industry


In these uncertain times of climate crisis, ecological disasters and a planet that is literally begging for our help; it seems only logical to create products that both serve our needs and do not create more harm for our future. After much research and development, the ZAVIS Green has discovered that there is indeed a way to make sustainable kitchen products that do not compromise on beauty, durability or functionality. The answer is in a product called Spun Bamboo and it is the latest and greatest innovation to hit the food service industry in the last decade.


For years now, industry insiders have been asking for serve ware products that are durable and functional while also being beautiful and versatile. Products that can withstand the abuse of a commercial kitchen but for a fair price point. For years these demands were impossible to create. But now, we have the answer! Spun Bamboo is all of these things as well as being eco-friendly, sustainable and 100% biodegradable-even within a standard home composting system! As a sustainable wood kitchen product, this technology is unheard of!


ZAVIS Green has engineered, developed and designed Spun bamboo serve ware without compromising on durability or design. Our Spun bamboo products are 100% designed in the United States; right here in the state of Pennsylvania. Our goal was to stay competitive and never compromise on our goals of remaining eco-friendly. With this in mind, Spun bamboo products are not manufactured in China but rather hand grown by local bamboo farmers in Thailand, Vietnam and Nicaragua. This permits the ZAVIS Green to control production as well as the entire manufacturing process.


What are the benefits to Spun bamboo serve ware? It’s light and super durable. Growing bamboo is ecologically clean and sustainable with a regrowth period of 9-20 months. It is also 100% biodegradable. We glue our products together with food grade glue derived from banana leaves. No harsh chemicals or man-made substances. Spun Bamboo is also vegan and allergy friendly. Its strong construction allows for extra durability in commercial kitchens and is fairly priced as a plastic replacement.


Within this truly original serve ware line are bowls and trays that are covered with an outer layer of food grade ceramic paint. This adds rigidity, strength and elegance to the line.


Bamboo Spun serve ware products are incredibly versatile. They can be used for fast food baskets to hold wings, fries and other sides. Spun bamboo salad bowls are also a great choice as they come in various sizes. It can also replace traditional porcelain and stainless-steel serving trays as it is both functional and elegant.


The ZAVIS Green is proud to offer the latest trend of bamboo Spun serve ware to the food service industry. Its versatility, durability and sustainability make truly make it a product unlike any other!

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