About Us

Welcome to the ZavisGreen.


An ecologically clean company focused on bringing the absolute best in quality to your kitchen, all without sacrificing the natural resources of our planet.

After years of being in the industry, we were first-hand witnesses to the strain on the environment that was caused by manufacturing. The lasting effects to our planet and the ways in which we live our daily lives, became too hard for us to ignore. It was our desire to leave a world worth living in for our children and that became the driving force behind the creation of the ZavisGreen. With all the innovation available in today’s world, we knew there was a better way. A more sustainable way. And by using better raw materials and manufacturing with less of an environmental impact, we knew we could make a positive difference. With this in mind, it became our mission to produce high quality kitchen products made from sustainable wood products and renewable sources.

It is our belief that beautiful, high quality products can be created without contributing to the world-wide deforestation issue that our planet currently faces. The Earth is in the midst of a plastic crisis and it is crucial that we all recognize this. Therefore, we have pledged to use only eco clean wood products like bamboo and coconut to produce our kitchen products.

Our goal is to provide commercial and home kitchens with stunning natural wood-based products. We carefully select these products for their sustainable properties, as we are committed to treating the natural world with the respect it deserves.

To find out even more about us and the way in which the ZavisGreen is committed to working with the environment and not against it ...

For decades, commercial and home kitchens have been using products that serve their needs but have lasting and often negative impacts on the environment. They say that when you know better, you do better and this is definitely true for us. It is no longer necessary to manufacture without taking the environment into consideration. There is a better way and we are proud to provide it for you.

From cutting boards to trays, plates, and so much more, we manufacture products that do not contribute to the world-wide problem of plastic pollution or deforestation. As well as using wood over plastic, we are committed to only using sustainable wood products. All of our products can either be recycled or will decompose naturally after use. We create stunningly beautiful eco clean kitchen products made from bamboo, coconut, olive and acacia wood. In addition; banana leaves, hemp and other natural non-deforestation types of wood products are all part of our growing list of sources.

Not only is using Whether you need to supply a large commercial kitchen, a small-town bakery or you are simply a home-based chef, we have the perfect eco clean kitchen products for you. All of our products work as well or better than the ones you may be currently using. And you can have peace of mind knowing that we bring you top quality from ecologically clean sources.

Not only is using sustainable wood products good for the environment, they are also of a higher quality than many of the current products on the market today. This is another reason why we chose to redirect our focus and help change the industry. Why use plastic cutting boards that can harbour bacteria when wood comes with its own built in anti-bacterial properties? Why use plates and trays that will only contribute to the landfill issues around the world when you can use ones that are decomposable?

These are the type of questions that pushed us at the ZavisGreen to reach for more. To demand more of ourselves in order to leave the world as it was meant to be, for future generations. We are dedicated to providing kitchens with all the materials they need to be ecologically clean. No longer do materials need to be merely functional. Although functionality is crucial, we believe that functionality should also coincide with high quality and sustainability.

With ZavisGreen products, you now have the freedom to produce the food you love for your customers, friends and family while knowing that you are not contributing to deforestation or plastic pollution. Bamboo (which is actually grass not wood), coconut, olive and acacia wood all make for high quality, beautifully crafted kitchen products. In addition, banana leaves, hemp and other natural non-deforestation types of wood products aid in creating a finished product that is ecologically clean.

We invite you to have a look at our products HERE and begin filling your kitchen with sustainable wood products today.