Our Vision

Our Vision


After years of being exposed to the behind the scenes of manufacturing, we realized that much of the work being done was actually harmful to the environment and not in line with our personal values. With that in mind we vowed to do a better job when we began manufacturing our own line of kitchen products.

Some of the ways we did this was by ensuring that both our products and our manufacturing methods were ecologically clean right from day one. Our vision included a complete plan for clean, no waste manufacturing.

At ZavisGreen, one of our most important goals to ensure that there is no plastic in our packaging whatsoever. Plastic pollution has taken over our world in a very short amount of time. From the Great Pacific Garbage Patch to animals washing up on our shores with their stomachs filled with garbage; the problem is imminent and we must all do our part.  Most recently there are even microplastics that are being found on the ocean floor. We just can’t ignore it any longer. Therefore, we pledged to have zero plastic in our packaging. Instead we use sustainable wood-based products for all our packaging needs. This ensures that our packaging can be recycled and decomposed easily and without contributing to an already out of control problem.

On top of this, we also only use sustainable wood products to make our products. Wooden cutting boards, trays and plates that made from things such as bamboo, coconut, olive and acacia wood. In addition, banana leaves, hemp and other natural non-deforestation types of wood products are all part of our growing list of sources.

But this is more than just treating the earth with care. This is also about high quality, durable and elegant products. We realize that products made for commercial kitchens need to stand up to a rigorous amount of use. Our products have been designed with this crucial aspect in mind and are made to withstand even the most difficult of tasks. Not to mention sanitary.

Often natural products are not thought of as equally sanitary as man-made ones and this is false. People have assumed in the past that because wood is porous it is not as resistant to bacteria as plastic. But the truth is that wood is actually more sanitary in the long run. It’s interesting to note that any bacteria that has not been properly cleaned off, will sink down into the wood and eventually die off. Whereas on plastic it has nowhere to go and it gets caught in the grooves that have been made by the knife. This leaves the bacteria right on the plastic cutting board, waiting for its next victim.

There are also options like bamboo which is in fact a grass and not a wood. This is a great sustainable and renewable resource choice because it does not require any chemicals for crops to grow or be harvested. Bamboo does not require any fertilizer and it self-regenerates from its own roots. This means it does not even need to be replanted! A great sustainable choice!

It is also important to us that our products are made in fair trade production facilities. Ensuring that we minimize our carbon footprint, is only relevant, if we make sure that we protect the people who live on our planet. It is only fair that our workers are taken care of and compensated properly for their contribution to our products. We pride ourselves in ensuring that all our production facilities are in line with fair trade policies. And of course, this goes without saying that we have a zero-tolerance policy for child labor manufacturing. We have families and children of our own and are committed to making sure that this type of activity never occurs inside our facilities.

It comes down to the following simple statement. It is not necessary to cause environmentally damaging waste while producing high quality kitchenware. Being durable enough to withstand the rigours of daily use, is not an excuse to fill the world with more plastic.

Therefore, we hope that our vision for an ecologically clean company that produces sustainable wood products with no waste manufacturing will in turn help you to create your perfect vision as well. To learn more about our the ZavisGreen and how you can use our products, check out our blog page HERE