The Ecological Benefits of Spun Bamboo Serve Ware

For years now, there has been a demand for more eco-friendly kitchen products. Up until this point however, the technology just wasn’t available to fit the needs of such a demanding industry. When it comes to commercial kitchens; serve ware and other items need to be durable enough in order to withstand the abuse of a commercial kitchen. Fortunately, Spun bamboo answers to all of these crucial needs!


At the ZAVIS group, we are proud to say that we have created what was previously unavailable! With our new line of Spun bamboo kitchen serve ware, industry professionals everywhere now have access to top quality items like never before.


No longer do you have to sacrifice quality and durability for sustainability. All of our kitchen serve ware items are 100% biodegradable. Not only that but Spun bamboo is a sustainable wood product because it has a regrowth period of 9-20 months. One of our goals was to create products that were eco-friendly in all stages of growth, production, manufacturing and delivery-and all our products have delivered on this goal.


One of our goals was to stay competitive and never compromise on our goals of remaining eco-friendly. Therefore, we chose to not manufacture in China as so many other companies do but instead to have our products hand grown by local bamboo farmers in Thailand, Vietnam and Nicaragua. We glue our products together with food grade glue derived from banana leaves. No harsh chemicals or man-made substances. Spun Bamboo is also vegan and allergy friendly! Through this process, we can ensure control across production thereby ensuring the maintenance of our eco-friendly procedures from start to finish.


Spun bamboo serve ware is also light and very durable. Its strong construction allows for extra durability in commercial kitchens and is fairly priced as a plastic replacement.


There is truly no other product like it on the market! Learn more HERE!

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