The Versatile Benefits of Spun Bamboo Serve Ware

Perhaps you think that bamboo can’t answer to all your needs in the kitchen? Think again! Our Spun bamboo products can do everything you need and probably more that you haven’t even thought about yet!


Spun bamboo serve ware is more than just an eco-friendly and sustainable wood product. The versatility of this product is undeniable! At ZAVIS Green, we have made sure to produce serve ware items that come in a variety of sizes. Our products can be used for fast food baskets, serving trays, salad bowls and much more. They can even replace traditional porcelain and stainless-steel items due to their functionality and elegance.


When it comes down to it, Spun bamboo serve ware is the best option for your kitchen. We have made sure to combine the crucial needs of the business with the desires for upscale items, all while still maintaining a fair price point. With a price point that is comparable to plastic but a design that is in line with many luxury products; Spun bamboo kitchen serve ware is simply everything your kitchen needs!


Commercial kitchens require their products to be able to withstand a large amount of abuse. We all know that there’s no time during service to be delicate with serve ware. This is exactly why Spun bamboo is the right choice. It’s strength and durability are unmatched in the kitchen. Many materials that are strong but bulky, have minimal sizing options and do not appeal to the eye. With Spun bamboo, all these issues are removed and replaced with the practicality of sturdy with the beauty of high-end aesthetics.


Because of these attributes, Spun bamboo makes for the most versatile kitchen serve ware available in today’s market. No longer do you need to choose one aspect over the other, Spun bamboo has it all! Check out our products HERE!

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